MY Go-To Social media Tool!

IFTTT (If This Then That) is by far my favorite social media tool. The user-friendly online switchboard lets one connect different web applications, making the automation of a wide range of tasks possible.

My Go-To SM Tool-IFTTTWhile the concept seems abstract, IFTTT’s plain English definitions, step-by-step instructions, and intuitive interface make it easy for anyone with a basic grasp of social media to setup their own trigger-based tasks (known as recipes). The best way to learn is to jump right in! If you get lost I suggest checking out this How to get Started guide.

IFTTT is like the Tim Duncan of social media tools: powerful, quiet and fundamental. It takes social media’s innate chaos and gives you a simple and aesthetic platform to setup/manage a range of tasks. The service also pushes people to be creative. Lacking inspiration? Browse featured and popular recipes. Below are a couple of mine:

This recipe sends ESPN’s breaking news about my favorite basketball team straight to my iPhone via SMS:


This recipe posts all Instagram photos tagged with my hashtag (#amopanama) onto a Blogger site.


I’ve also created recipes that triggered photos tagged with photo contest hashtags on Instagram to be automatically sent to a folder in my Dropbox, making it easier for me to post selected photos on Facebook.

Despite its undeniable utility, the launch of an iPhone App, and the addition of key features  (e.g. location based triggers) the powerful service is still somehow flying under the radar. I might only be a novice in the kitchen but I’m a master chef on IFTTT. Improvise and cook up some recipes then watch the Internet work for you!